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  1. Manisha Varma

    Absolutely true! This is All a part of learning, experiencing,full filling. Therefore this is what life is! your presence in my life made me much more better than earlier; life taught me different lessons,also I came across different situations.I used to get worried for all sensitive issues or I may not be able to have a complete sleep during nights.I also have a severe,I used have medications constantly over a period of time.but I cannot get rid of my migraine therefore.I never thought this gives me a solution for all the above. And yes;it’s runningand yoga that pulled me out from all stress finally.although I started running,it wasn’t that cool initially.I continued for a month and I forced my body to get,now there has been a consistent improvement in my running.Most of the people they give up instead continuing.As known, there is no gain, if there is no pain! Hence, these are my short time experiences in running and will improve more as said.Every individual has a fulfill their dream,he/she should be healthy. So,life is short, go.. Catch your dreams.

    1. kishore

      Thank you Manisha for being my friend. You are wonderful!!.

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