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  1. Pradeep

    Nice one sirji… This article just made to analyze my career now..

    From the moment I read this article I am under dilemma if mine is arranged (accidental) or love (addictive ) one.. 😉

  2. Munwar Shariff

    Nice perspective Kishore… comparing the career choices with arranged vs. love marriage.
    In India, for most of the employees when they start their career with large SIs such as TCS, Wipro, InfoSys, HCL etc…they unknowingly choosing the “Accidental Career” path. The future (career) path will be defined by their first 1-2 project allocations after their training. They are branded (boxed) to a specific technology/vendor/service area. Not much choice here. However if someone chooses the area of their passion, they will love the job and journey. They produce good results as you rightly mentioned in your blog.

    1. YK

      Very right Munwargaru

  3. Siva Juluri

    Good Analogy of career with marriage in Indian Context YK!

  4. Aparna Tayi

    Nice analogies sir. But, most of the people though they get into accidental career, may not know what is that addictive career they would fall for. For those kind of people rather than adjustment and compromise, i think they need to follow “love what you do” principle because they do not know what they love to follow “do what you love” principle.

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