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  1. Sarat

    Do we as society view kids as long term personal investment? Son is better investment or vice versa? Can we view kids not as long term investment but as your contribution to the larger society, a communal/societal investment ? Will this bias go away if it’s viewed as societal investment/ contribution Vs personal investment? Did communal societies of past have similar bias or did this originate only after materialization of the society ?
    Looking to kishore for more answers ☺️

    1. YK

      I would n’t say all but many view kids as some kind of investment (some times this is unconscious). If you have son then you will have better insurance coverage. That why the demand. And all your fears and insecurities can be passed on to son. This is an assumption under which people have been working. It may be true for prev gen. Not sure about future gen.
      Bias will go away with freedom and economic advancements. This is what you see in most advanced countries. I think capitalistic societies would give better environment for reducing the bias. Bias is there since beginning. It just based on strongest dominate weak theory. But the whole point is about how most educated people are also under the influence of social conditioning and make you believe that you have missed some thing. So try to get out of the trap is the message.

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