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  1. Prajay

    So we try to impress others if we have low self-esteem. According to you is the converse, i.e., if we are not trying to impress others then we have enough self-esteem, true?

    1. YK

      Vice versa may or may not be true. Point to understand is if you have low-self esteem then you tend to be people pleaser. And Psychology is not like a mathematics like a boolean (zero or one). Mainly one need to reflect and see if this is applicable to you or not. It is a complex subject and many variables get involved.

  2. Prajay

    If above assumption is false, could you share what do you think are other ways people resort to to fill ‘inner void’? And could you also tell why do some feel inner void while some don’t? is it genetic? Is it wrong to feel inner void? Is it healthy/unhealthy to have feelings of void?

    1. YK

      Prajay – Read the below series. Most of your questions will be answered. Please provide your feedback as well.

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