About YK

Hi, My name is Kishore Yasarapu (YK).

Brief about me – My day job is IT consulting and still living with it from almost 2 decades. I have done my engineering and executive MBA (IIM Calcutta) . I currently live in Hyderabad, India.  I was born in a small village near Bhimavaram (AP State).  I picked up reading habit since my engineering days and it grew gradually and branched into different areas. And it grew from reading to observing things. My main interests are in psychology (Human behavior, new ways of thinking and mind) and Innovation. I get a lot of kick to crack why certain things happen. I observe…

I have decided to share my observations and thinking through this blog hoping that someone some where will get benefited.

I mainly plan to write on the following areas.

  • Life – Includes Psychology, Philosophy  & Science
  • Corporate Careers
  • Adult ADHD/ADD (Creative Geniuses)
  • Technology Innovations & Lean Start up related

Most of my writings would be based on my observation and thinking.  And many times my thinking might not be in-line with what is generally expected. So, please read my blog if you are willing to challenge status quo and think differently (of course for better life).